Productive Solutions Training Methodology

We have a successful and unique training methodology.

The result of successful training is that the participants are better equipped for their current or future jobs.   We need to ensure that several stages are completed in the overall training cycle.

1.       Assess the Training Needs

Training Needs Analysis is the obvious starting point.  This Training Needs Analysis must also take into consideration the point from which trainees are starting i.e. what are their existing skills sets and where they want to be at the end of the course.  In many cases this involves consultation with Management as well as with course participants.  This analysis results in a written report which is forwarded to the client and shared with the course participants.  We provide the additional facility whereby we contact course participants directly, in advance of the courses to establish expectations.

2.       Designing a program to deliver to these needs

Developing the course material is the next step.  It is important that the course content is tailored around the organisations internal processes.  For example, if teaching Microsoft Word or Excel the trainer should include examples of actual client templates that are familiar to the participants.

3.       Delivery and implementing the course

All trainers are familiar with the full output of the Training Needs Analysis and any specifics identified in advanced of delivery.  Courses are accompanied by manuals.  In turn these manuals can be modified to reflect specifics identified during the Training Needs Analysis.   Regardless of course Productive Solutions also provide a Migration Tips and Tricks Sheets for all participants.


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